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6 Great Places to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower

Don’t miss your chance to see this awesome meteor shower! Debris from the Comet Swift-Tuttle will enter Earth’s atmosphere for a few weeks with the best chance for viewing at night or in the early mornings. Look North to see the best meteors. Charlevoix is many miles from any big city and the inherent light pollution, so the surrounding areas of Charlevoix will provide great viewing opportunities. The best time to see meteors is after midnight when the moon sets. Once you find your viewing spot, wait 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, then look up and be awe-inspired. Be sure to bring a flashlight to guide your way on the trails, since these areas are guaranteed to be dark.  

1. Mt. McSauba Recreation Area & North Point Nature Preserve
Located minutes from downtown Charlevoix, these adjacent recreation areas have numerous great locations for stargazing. Climb to the top of the ski hill, hike to the beach, or climb to the viewing deck; each location promises to have great views.  Both of these natural areas would be great places to set up a tripod for photos.   

2. Shanahan Field – Charlevoix Township Recreation Area
This soccer field has great open views of the will be great for laying a blanket out and watching the meteor show.    

3. Drigger’s Nature Preserve 
This remote nature preserve will be one of the darkest locations to watch the meteor shower. Located off the Boyne City-Charlevoix Road, this nature preserve has an open field for stargazing.   

4. Charlevoix South Pier Lighthouse
One of the most iconic locations in Charlevoix will be a great photo opportunity. This location is guaranteed to create the best opportunity for pictures of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Be sure to capture the lighthouse in the foreground of the meteor shower. While this may not be the darkest location, we highly suggest it for the iconic photo opp.    

5. Fisherman's Island State Park 
This park boasts 5 miles of unspoiled Lake Michigan shoreline which will allow you to find the perfect expansive view to watch the Perseid Meteor Show. While the trails are mostly treed, there are many offshoots that lead to the Lake Michigan shore. Note that to gain access to the whole park after 10pm, you must be registered for camping. There is beach access open to the public during dark hours at the end of Bells Bay Rd before the park entrance.    

6. Ransom Nature Preserve 
Make sure to use your GPS to find this nature preserve in the dark. Located in a rural area of Charlevoix, the Ransom Nature Preserve has breathtaking views of Charlevoix. From this location, it is possible to see Charlevoix, Beaver Island, and Boyne City.   Share your pictures with us on Instagram by using the hashtag #visitcharlevoix


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