Ernest Hemingway

During his early years, Ernest Hemingway spent his summers at his family's cottage on Walloon Lake and the surrounding countryside. Throughout his childhood and early adulthood, Horton Bay, Charlevoix and Petoskey were frequent haunts for this upcoming author. Hemingway affectionately referred to Charlevoix as 'Voix. Each summer, Ernest Hemingway would spend his days with friends, hunting, fishing, playing tennis, and writing. 

Throughout his early works, Hemingway used Horton Bay, Petoskey and Charlevoix for the setting of many of his early works including: "Up in Michigan", "The Three-Day Blow", his Nick Adams stories, and "The End of Something." 

Hemingway's first marriage to Hadley Richardson took place in Horton Bay. After the wedding, Ernest and Hadley spent their honeymoon at the Hemingway's summer cottage on Walloon Lake. His original marriage certificate is on display at the Charlevoix Historical Society Museum. 

Area Ernest Hemingway Attractions

Horton Bay

  • The Red Fox Inn
    This is one of the earliest homes in Horton Bay. The Red Fox Inn is now home to a bookstore that specializes in Hemingway titles and memorabilia. 

  • Greensky Hill Church
    This historic site is a scared place for Native Americans. Hemingway wrote several stories about Nick Adams at the "Indian Camp," "The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife," "Ten Indians," "The Indians Moved Away," and "Fathers and Sons." Also, "Prudence Boulton," who may have been the model for the character of Prudence in "Ten Indians," or possibly Trudy in "Fathers and Sons," is possibly buried in an unmarked grave at Greensky.

  • Horton Bay General Store
    Opened in 1876, this store is still in business today. Hemingway was a regular at this store during his childhood and early adulthood. He described this store in "Up in Michigan" and it may have been the model for Mr. Packards store in "The Last Good Country." There are photos of Hemingway and memorabilia on display here. 

  • The Township School
    The school stands across the road from what was the site of the village blacksmith. The school and the blacksmith shop were mentioned in "Up in Michigan" and "The Indians Moved Away."Horton Bay General Store

  • Public Access Site and Boat Launch
    The public access site has open views of the bay, the woods, and the beach leading to Ten Mile Point. Hemingway used this bay and surrounding area for "The End of Something," Summer People," "On Writing," and "Up in Michigan."

  • Charles Farm
    Hemingway has good friends that summered at this location. He used this farm as the setting for "The Three Day Blow" and "Summer People."

  • Schulz Nature Preserve
    Hemingway roamed this area as a boy and young man. He used the country setting in "Big Two-Hearted River."

  • Horton Creek Nature Preserve
    The creek and terran are very important elements in Hemingway's country settings. He used this setting in "Big Two-Hearted River."

  • Charlevoix County Courthouse and Charlevoix Historical Society Museum
    Visit the Charlevoix County Courthouse to see the original registrar Hemingway signed for his marriage certificate to Hadley Richardson. Stop by the Charlevoix Historical Society Museum to see the ordinal marriage license. 

Walloon Lake

  • Public Access and Boat Launch
    This site has amazing panoramic views of Walloon Lake. Hemingway spent is summers here as a boy and young man. In the Nick Adams stories, Walloon Lake was a prominent setting. 


  • Perry Hotel
    This hotel was one of the last original resort hotels in Petoskey. Hemingway stayed here in 1916 after a hiking and camping trip in northwest Perry Hotellower Michigan. Every year, the Perry Hotel hosts "Hemingway Weekend" sponsored by the Michigan Hemingway Society. 

  • City Park Grill
    A prominent Petoskey landmark was reported to a regular stop for Ernest Hemingway.