Lavender Hill Farm

July 27, 2016

Nestled among the hills of Horton Creek and Boyne City, Lavender Hill Farm remains a hidden gem, just waiting to be explored. Upon discovery, visitors will be amazed by the sweeping views of country hills and field upon field of lavender. This breathtaking farm is a must stop for visitors and residents. During the summer months, Lavender Hill Farm hosts lots of fun activities. One of the most popular events is the weekly Wednesday lavender lunches taking place all summer. Have you ever tried lavender infused foods? Join them for a gourmet lunch served in the old barn, rain or shine. Every element of the lunch has some form of infused lavender. Not only is the lunch creative, the desserts are simply amazing! Reservations are required for an accurate event total (please let the caterer know about any allergies or diet restrictions so they prepare meals accordingly). This event is a must if you are visiting the farm on a Wednesday.

Lavender Hill Farm is a wonderful place to explore a variety of lavender plants. This is a great location to spend several hours exploring and relaxing among the tranquil fields. Whether you are exploring the Lavender Labyrinth or simply wandering the farm, Lavender Hill Farm has appealing qualities for all.

If you are looking for a variety of unique lavender products, look no further than the gift shop. They have food products, bath, home and beauty products, essential oils, and a variety of children's products. The gift shop staff is incredibly knowledgeable about everything and they will even recommend the perfect gift!

Lavender Hill Farm is a quiet oasis in a very busy world. The tranquility of this beautiful farm cannot be understated. The owners of the farm want to give visitors the opportunity

to explore, wander and relax. Click here to learn more. To make a reservation for the lavender lunch, call Sari King at (231) 675-0720.