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Sturgeon River Paddlesports

12961 S. Straits Highway Unit. 2,
Wolverine, MI 49799

Another fantastic ‘blue-ribbon’ trout stream, the Sturgeon River is the fastest river in the Lower Peninsula.  Not quite whitewater, the river has an average descent of 14 feet per mile, which keeps the water cold and well-oxygenated.  On its 40 mile journey north to Burt Lake, the river has plenty of fantastic fishing opportunities.  Quick turns, scenic bluffs and a variety of flora and fauna make this a very beautiful river. With a fair amount of road crossings, access to the river is not difficult, however much of the riparian shoreline is privately owned, so once in the water it is best to stay in the river.  With its quick flow, the Sturgeon has great runs and riffles as well as deep outlying pools which hold a very good population of brown and rainbow trout.  As with most of our rivers in northern Michigan, the Sturgeon gets a little larger in the lower stretches and can hold trout over the 20 inch mark.  In the heat of the summer, the Sturgeon also gets a push of summer-run rainbow and brown trout out of Burt Lake which can lead to a good shot at a trophy class fish on a dry fly.  Steelhead are also available in the spring throughout the system.

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Google Reviews


Canadian Love

5 months ago
My intention was to wrestle a sturgeon to shore, if I seen one, while I was kayaking with my friends. 🤣❤️💪Unfortunately, that did not happen but I did see a huge snapping turtle walking on the sand under the water against the river current. We kayaked for about seven hours. I seen some flowers I’ve never seen in my life before this adventure! Huge shells to pick here for smudging. An absolutely stunning, awesome and timeless beauty. This is ancient Native American land. Please be respectful of it.

Joshua Lingg

3 years ago
The Sturgeon River is a cool, spring fed river that is well known for its speed. At 14-15’ per mile, this makes it the fastest river in the lower peninsula and an absolute blast to Kayak, especially with friends who are new at it. Rising in Otsego County near Gaylord, it flows all of the way north into Burt Lake which is approximately 41 miles. We love the banks & rough terrain and the feeling that we are in the middle of know where. Our favorite runs are in Wolverine MI, which has a nice park and they even have a rental facility when you need the extra boats or tubes.

Jody Immink

8 months ago
This is now my favorite river in the lower peninsula. My spouse and I are advanced kayakers and spent about 4 hours paddling this fast, spring-fed, fun river. We put in where Trowbridge Rd crosses the river, very near where Trowbridge intersects (goes under) I-75, south of Wolverine. We took out at Rondo Rd, which is not technically on Rondo Rd, it is just north, and on Google maps is labeled North Central State Trail Parking. With frequent stops for swimming, fishing and lunch, it took us 4.5 hours. Lots of river trips get slow and boring at the end but not this one!! The last hour was probably the most fun and challenging! Water shoots and fast turns. Cannot WAIT to go back.


2 years ago
I used to paddle the Sturgeon River back in the late 80's. The section from Wolverine to Burt Lake was a wonderful day trip through the fastest water in lower Michigan. A lot of the appeal of that trip was the remoteness that you felt when you were there. That feeling is gone now. The Sturgeon now flows through what is essentially a series of subdivisions. Homes encroach on the river along most of its length. There used to be a fun little drop on the river not far downstream from Wolverine. It is gone now. In its place is an ugly concrete bridge that crosses the river. Why they had to destroy that drop to build the bridge is unknown, but destroy it they did. While the Sturgeon's current is still fun, most of the beauty of the river has been destroyed by developers and their insatiable greed. Unfortunately that situation is typical of many of the paddling destinations I've visited in my 50 years of paddling throughout the US and Canada.

Matt Hammond

a year ago
Took the 2 hour ride in kayaks from Rondo road to white road


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