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Charlevoix The Working World

Before Charlevoix became a summer destination, there were numerous thriving businesses and industries. These successful industries are being brought to life by the Charlevoix Historical Society. In its new exhibit, The Working World: Business and Industry in Charlevoix, co-curators David Miles and Jacob Thomas are telling the story of Charlevoix as an industrial powerhouse and an active resort town.

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Two of the earliest industries took advantage of the town's natural resources: logging and fishing – leading to the town's prosperity. Over time, these natural resources were depleted due to over-usage, leading to their gradual decline in business. Charlevoix has also been an important leader on the world stage:

When Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon on July 20th, 1969, Charlevoix went with him. Portions of the Apollo space suits, made with an ultra-light, ultra-strong metal fiber, were crafted at Hoskins Manufacturing.

Charlevoix's Freedman Artcraft revolutionized the retail industry with its innovative display racks. Prior to these display racks, greeting cards and records were sold over the counter!

The Big Rock Point Nuclear Plant was an industry leader until the plant was decommissioned in 1997.

Every business, past and present, has a unique story to share. Next time you go shopping, run to the bank, or eat at a restaurant, think about what shops, banks, and what these businesses may look like in the future.

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restaurants were here in the past and what these businesses may look like in the future.


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