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Top 10 Things to do on the water and where to get the local hook up.

Being surrounded by three lakes, it's no surprise that life in Charlevoix revolves around the water. Whether you're just passing through or here for the summer, a water lover or an avid outdoor recreationist, the locals here have got you covered!

#1 — Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is probably one of my favorite on water activities! There's nothing like the peace and quite you find standing in the middle of Round Lake, with your feet grounded and core engaged. Want to find your inner peace? Schulman Paddleworks delivers paddleboards to depot beach daily, and picks them up when you're done. Check them out at

#2 — Sailing

Love the idea of sailing, but don't know how? Neither do I. This is where Sunshine Charters comes in! Even a novice can feel like a true sailor when you help raise and trim the sails or take the wheel and feel the exhilaration of steering a 40 foot long, 24 foot wide custom offshore sailing catamaran. Want to check out their daily schedule or book a private sail for your group? 

#3 — Fishing

Have you ever experienced the rush of fighting a 30lb salmon as the sky turns a fiery orange, then pink as the sun dips behind the horizon; when for 45 minutes, there's nothing in the world except you and the fish at the end of your line? I have. And I can firmly say, it's an experience I plan to enjoy every summer as long as I live in the area. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman from out of town, or going out for your first time, The Ward Brothers have all of your fishing needs covered. Best of all, they'll even clean your fish for you! 

#4 — Wakeboard

I have to admit; I've always been a little intimidated by wakeboarding.It looked like fun. It looked exhilarating. It looked really, really hard! Well, as it turns out (if your on the right boat) it's just plain awesome! The guys over at Irish Boat Shop created a program a couple of years ago to show people that anyone could wakeboard. Just give them a call and sign up to go out on one of their new Super Air Nautique G Series wakeboard boats. 

#5 — Rent a Pontoon Boat

Pontoons are a great way to get your friends, family and younger kids out on the lake! They are roomy, easy to operate, efficient, and provide better sun protection with the larger bimini top. Want to have the most unique picnic ever? Try it on the middle of the lake on one of these floating living rooms.

#6 — Kayak

How would you like to wake up with the sun and take a leisurely paddle through the channel and out into the calm, endless blue of Lake Michigan? If you like to take life at a slower pace and breathe in the beauty around you, I suggest giving kayaking a try! For rentals, give Schulman Paddleworks a holler at

#7 — Sunset Cruise

Being on the western coast of Michigan puts a sunset cruise aboard Sunshine Charters in the perfect position for viewing some of the most beautiful sunsets known to man. Grab a glass of wine and watch as the blue sky and blue waters of Lake Michigan turn to glorious streaks of yellow, orange, pink, and red as the sun retires for the day and keep your eye out for the moon awakening as you return home for the evening. Sound heavenly? 

#8 — Ferry Ride to an Island

With over a hundred miles of trails for hiking or biking, pristine waters and acres of sandy beaches, it's no wonder that adventures and vacationers alike make the journey to Beaver Island. But how do you get there? The Beaver Island Boat Company out of Charlevoix has fares running daily. Take the 2 hour and 15 minute trip and you'll enjoy the journey almost as much as the destination.

#9 —Water Trampoline

You heard me right. Stoke the kids out by turning the lake into their own personal playground! Need one delivered to your beachfront? Contact the guys and gals at Summertime Rentals

#10 — Hang Out at the Beach

When is comes down to it, one of the best ways to enjoy the water in Charlevoix is to grab a towel, a book, and some sunscreen and head down to the warm, sandy beaches. My kids are constantly telling me that Lake Michigan looks like the ocean, and they're right! Except for the saltwater, sharks, jellyfish…well, you get the point.



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