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When UFOs Visited Charlevoix

Do you believe UFOs have visited Charlevoix the beautiful? You must be curious because you clicked on the Facebook link. Did you remember today was April Fools? Well, if you didn’t, we got you! April Fools, but not really. We are actually sharing a really interesting piece of Charlevoix history.

UFOs have visited Charlevoix. Not so long ago, there was a time between 1966-1973 that UFO sightings were a common occurrence in the area. Often these unidentified floating objects were described as floating across the night sky with no particular pattern, having bright lights, sometimes white, red, or green, and they also appear to hover over the countryside below the cloud cover. They were often described as moving very quickly across the nighttime sky.

Throughout our county’s history, UFO sightings were reported in the newspaper. In the August 22, 1966, Charlevoix Courier, it was reported “UFOs appeared almost nightly in the skies over Charlevoix for the past several weeks…literally dozens of people have reported seeing a strange object glowing and maneuvering in the evening sky for the past month.” These observations were similar to other eyewitness accounts that were reported to the Charlevoix Courier at different times throughout the years.  

We can’t say for sure if we have recently been visited by UFOs; however, nothing would really surprise us. Another observer noted in the same article, “Everyone comes to Northern Michigan, so why not little green men?” We like to agree with this individual, who doesn’t want to visit Charlevoix!?

A big thank you to the Charlevoix Historical Society for providing the research needed to write this blog post.


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