Winter Getaway

November 11, 2020

There’s nothing quite like a Northern Michigan during the winter. We know what you’re thinking, it’s cold and snowy. Why yes, it is! There’s a reason we get excited when there’s snow in the forecast and fresh powder in our future. Fresh snow makes Charlevoix shine (literally and figuratively). You may have experienced Northern Michigan in the summer, but have you visited in the winter? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

  1. Explore the Trails
    The area has some great trails along the shores of Lake Michigan as well as beautiful timbered woods in the surrounding countryside. Whether you choose to fat tire bike, cross country ski, or snowshoe, Charlevoix has a great variety of trails for every skill level. 
  2. Dining
    Whether you like local fresh-caught whitefish or seasonal specialty dishes, area restaurants have some awesome offerings. When there is a bit of downtime in the winter months restaurant chefs get creative with their menus and offer unique dining events and specials throughout the winter months. Beer pairing dinners, restaurant weeks, nightly specials are a few of the ways to experience Charlevoix as a foodie.  
  3. Candlelight Hikes
    Mt. McSauba is one of Charlevoix's best-kept secrets. If you're looking for a fun way to enjoy the winter splendor, look no further than Charlevoix the beautiful. Every Friday, Mt. McSauba hosts a candle-lit hike throughout the various trail located in this nature preserve. 
  4. Proximity to the slopes
    Are you having a hard time picking which ski slopes you want to visit? If you’re looking for a place that is equidistance to area ski hills, you should stay in Charlevoix. Charlevoix is thirty-forty minutes away from 4 major hills and is home to Mt. McSauba which is known as one of the best hills for learning how to ski. You can experience each of the hills in one weekend!
  5. Discounts and Deals
    Who doesn’t love a good deal? If you’re like us and love a good sale, Charlevoix is in the winter the place to be. Accommodations are offering great savings on overnight stays. Restaurants are offering dining specials throughout the winter months. Eat at any one of these classic Charlevoix restaurants for an amazing deal: Grey Gables, Terry’s Place, Weathervane. Finally, stop by downtown stores to score great deals on last season’s merchandise. There are all sorts of deals just waiting for you in Charlevoix.